Elect Cesar: Every Child Matters

Cesar and Katie Armendariz
Cesar and Katie Armendariz

As an experienced high school teacher with a Master’s Degree in Education, Cesar has taught, mentored and coached thousands of kids. He has witnessed the many challenges that parents and students face every day.

As your representative for the Long Beach School Board, Cesar will work collaboratively to ensure that every child receives the tools necessary to have a fair chance at success – regardless of their race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, or zip code.

We will fight to achieve this vision by:

  • Working with the community to understand the needs of the children
  • Helping parents and students know their rights within the school system
  • Developing a clear discipline plan to reduce suspensions and bullying
  • Supporting teachers with relevant professional development and resources
  • Increasing access to school libraries, music and art programs, nurses, counselors, and trauma specialists
  • Providing support to students with special needs and disabilities
  • Expanding early childhood education

School board members, teachers, parents, students, and community organizations endorse Cesar. They trust him to make thoughtful decisions for our children.

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Thank you for taking an important step to ensure that all kids from all backgrounds receive a fair and equitable chance at success. True change can come about when people filled with hope come together.

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