Can You Vote?

Map with Arrows

Follow these two steps to verify that you can vote for Cesar on April 10th, 2018.

  1. Click Here to Check Voter Registration. Voters of all parties can vote. If you are not registered or want to re-register, take a minute to register online by clicking here.
  2. Click Here to Check Your Region. If one of the options is “LONG BEACH UNIFIED SCHOOL TA3,” then you can vote for Cesar on April 10th!

If your Voter Registration Status says “Permanent Vote By Mail: Yes,” be sure to send your ballot by mail as soon as you receive it (you DO need to add a postage stamp). If you do not vote by mail, click here to look up where you can cast your vote on April 10th.

If you live in another region but live in Long Beach, don’t forget that every Board member’s vote will affect the entire Long Beach school district.  Help us spread the word about our campaign by volunteering or donating.