Our Campaign

My parents brought me to the United States when I  was 10 years old. Like the millions of immigrants that leave their homes, my parents were willing to work hard for little pay because at least it meant that their children would receive a better education. For a period of time, my mom worked as a restaurant hostess and my dad as a dishwasher–all because they wanted my brothers and I to have a fair chance at success.

Even though middle school and high school were difficult for me because of the language barrier, I was blessed with amazing teachers. I am not sure where I would be without the love and dedication of all my teachers. Their sacrifice ignited a fire in me to help others. And so, like them, I became a teacher to inspire and empower the younger generations.

It is with that same heart that I have decided to run for school board. After having taught for nearly a decade and having earned a Master’s Degree in Education, I am ready to give back to my community in greater ways. I am ready to ensure that ALL children in our community get a fair chance at success.